025A hearty welcome to the RiffelBooks website, the online home of author and journalist James R. Riffel.

Click the links above for information about the suspenseful UNDER FALSE PRETENSES, A COACH AT HEART, a novel of football and family, and the humorous baseball short story, THE TRADING DEADLINE, along with blog posts about the subject matter of the books — football, baseball and organized crime. Note that A COACH AT HEART has several “sub-pages” that add context to the story, so you can click the title for the novel’s main page or one of those additional pages in the drop-down menu.


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On the blog page:

Debate rages over whether the college football playoff field should be expanded, but amid plenty of controversy, those who make the selections picked the right teams this year.

After a week in which the so-called “adults” at the University of Maryland embarrassed themselves and their prestigious school, it’s time to stand up for the student-athletes and the fans who support them.

The crash of PSA Flight 182 resonates in San Diego 40 years later. As one speaker at a memorial service said, San Diego became a big city that day.


Click the About page for more info about James R. Riffel and his writing.


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