A Coach at Heart


New Print FrontA young man burdened by a family secret embarks on a career in football and pieces his personal life back together during a time of social upheaval in A COACH AT HEART. George Steele leaves his tattered past behind to join a team gunning for New Year’s glory and a program trying to break into college football’s big time. Along the way, he encounters a quirky set of friends and teammates who change the way football is played for decades to come.

A COACH AT HEART recounts some of the sport’s great moments, told with input from players and coaches who were there. A historically accurate tale of thrilling victories, gut-wrenching setbacks, a young man’s search for love and, yes, a few doses of humor await in A COACH AT HEART.

“… a finely crafted meal flavored by life, maturation, and a pinch of drama, with the sports providing just that extra kick.” — review on Amazon.

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Many actual people are mentioned in A COACH AT HEART in their historically documented roles as players and coaches. These men have gone on to live extraordinary lives. For a look at what became of many of those mentioned in the Stanford section of the book, click here.


The games depicted in A COACH AT HEART took place pretty much as described, other than inserting some fictional characters. In the games involving the University of Northern California, the Goldrushers simply took the role of another team in a real game. Check below for actual results for games involving UNC, Stanford, the Oakland Raiders and San Diego State in the years Steele was involved with those teams.

Game log for UNC, Stanford

Game log for Raiders, San Diego State

The banner photo is the quaint downtown village of Placerville, California, where A COACH AT HEART begins.


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