Raiders, San Diego State Game Log

The football games depicted in A COACH AT HEART really happened as described, with some adjustments to squeeze in fictional characters, like George Steele, Mickey Mullinex, Joel Cookson and others.

Here is a list of the Oakland Raiders games mentioned, or featured in A COACH AT HEART, plus a rundown of the San Diego State game-by-game results in the seasons Steele would have been there. (for a similar list for the University of Northern California and Stanford, click here)


Oakland Raiders

1972 (Before Steele signing)

at Pittsburgh,  lost 34-28 (sign of things to come, with more offense)

at Green Bay, won 20-14

San Diego, tie  17-17

at Houston, won 34-0 (the Oilers back in those days, well before move to Tennessee)

Buffalo, won 28-16

Denver, lost 30-23 (John Ralston’s second win as Broncos head coach)

Los Angeles, won 45-17

at Kansas City, lost 27-14

at Cincinnati, won 20-14

at Denver, won 37-20

Kansas City, won 26-3 (scene in and near locker room with Ponce)

(After Steele signing)

at San Diego, won 21-19

New York Jets, won 24-16

Chicago, won 28-21

at Pittsburgh (playoffs), lost 13-7 (featured extensively in A COACH AT HEART)


San Diego State


at Arizona, lost 17-10, (featured in A COACH AT HEART)

Tampa, won 28-25 (last year Tampa fielded a team, and QB was future 49ers receiver Freddie Solomon)

at Texas-El Paso, won 26-12

Fresno State, won 24-21

San Jose State, won 40-14

at Long Beach State, won 27-17

at North Texas, lost 14-9 (only win for UNT that season)

Pacific, won 37-9

New Mexico State, won 35-14

Bowling Green, tie 21-21

Utah State, won 34-6



Texas-El Paso, won 31-10

vs. Oregon State at Portland, won 25-0

North Texas, won 30-12

at Utah State, won 19-10

Cal State Fullerton, won 59-14

at Fresno State, won 29-0

New Mexico State, won 48-3

at Pacific, won 31-13

Arizona, lost 31-24

at San Jose State, lost 31-7

Long Beach State, lost 21-17



Arkansas State, won 24-14

Fresno State, won 7-3

at Bowling Green, won 27-15

BYU, lost 8-0

Pacific, won 21-15

at Cal State Fullerton, won 27-14

at Texas-El Paso, won 27-16

San Jose State, won 30-17

Utah State, won 7-6

at Long Beach State, won 10-3

New Mexico, won 17-14 (note all the low scores, offense was a real struggle that year)



Cal State Fullerton, won 34-17 (the fictional Steele’s 1st game as offensive coordinator)

at Arizona, won 21-14 (featured extensively in A COACH AT HEART)

Utah State, won 19-0

at Fresno State, lost 34-14

Texas-El Paso, won 49-7

UNLV, won 31-7

Tulsa, won 41-7 (Joe Davis says this is game where he really took hold of the QB position)

at Pacific, won 39-7

Long Beach State, won 33-22

Florida State, won 41-16 (featured extensively in A COACH AT HEART)

at San Jose State, won 37-34



at Iowa State, lost 14-13

at Texas-El Paso, lost 31-24

Fresno State, won 31-14

at Wyoming, lost 31-22

Pacific, won 31-28

at Long Beach State, lost 27-25

Colorado State, won 34-31

at BYU, lost 21-3

at Miami, Fla, lost 16-14

New Mexico, won 27-24

Utah, lost 20-18 (it was after this game that the fictional Steele has to collect Diana from the hospital)


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