Under False Pretenses

UnderFalsePretenses_3DMafia organizations aren’t what they used to be. When Jason Campala, the gone-straight progeny of a Philadelphia mob group’s leadership, confirms that millions of their dollars have been embezzled, the mobsters embark on a frantic search for the suspect — fully aware that their survival depends on finding the thief. As the search becomes desperate, they narrow their focus to Deirdre Hansen, a college student off to a bumpy start on her summer house-sitting at a mansion in a swanky part of town. The mob’s last hope: sending in a young man to seduce her to get the information they need.

UNDER FALSE PRETENSES, available now for Kindle or fine-quality paperback.



Deirdre Hansen – after completing her junior year of college, she gets an awesome opportunity to house-sit for the summer in one of Tucson, Arizona’s finest neighborhoods. Her last summer before entering the real world could be one of relaxation, pool parties and boys. Lots of boys!

Jason Campala – was steered away from the mob by his late father, but his separation is tenuous at best. When, at the behest of his grandfather, he discovers the theft of millions of dollars, he finds himself up to his neck in the organization’s struggles.

Giuseppe Campala – the unquestioned but aging leader of the Philadelphia-based Gruppo Dando, he moved to the warmer climate of Southern Arizona for health reasons and brought other leaders of the “servicemen” with him. He wants the thief found before word hits the streets back east, and destroys the organization’s reputation.

Al LaRocca – a Tucson-based courier for the Gruppo Dando who becomes Deirdre’s suitor, getting close to her so he can pick up clues to the thief’s whereabouts.

Cheryl Hernandez – Deirdre’s longtime friend went straight from high school to working at a bank, placing her on a different journey through life. She tries to share in Deirdre’s good fortune until she senses that things are going wrong.

Evan Winters – the third part of the trio of childhood friends.

Eddie Sandoni – the hot-headed right-hand man for the Gruppo’s leader.

Marco Grosso – the Gruppo’s large enforcer in Tucson, he more than anyone fears the impending demise of the organization. He and Sandoni become convinced that Deirdre is the key to finding the thief. But he might have his own secret.

Philip Angotti – the head of Gruppo Dando operations in Philadelphia and Giuseppe Campala’s wily successor-in-waiting. Also getting up in years, he carries an intellectual affectation but just could be smarter than the rest of them.


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