Under False Pretenses

I’m pleased to announce the imminent publication of my second novel, UNDER FALSE PRETENSES, a thriller about a young woman who is hoping for a fun last summer of her college years, but instead gets caught up in the death throes of a mob organization that’s embroiled in turmoil.UnderFalsePretenses_3D

The genesis of UNDER FALSE PRETENSES comes from long ago, about the only thing it has in common with my first novel, A COACH AT HEART. When I was a teenager and beginning to form the idea that I might be interested in a journalism career, Arizona Republic newspaper reporter Don Bolles was killed by a car bomb while exposing the surprising influence of organized crime in the desert state. The story of how an innocent person might get caught up in mob intrigue in a seemingly out of the way place percolated for years. This story is the result.

UNDER FALSE PRETENSES is a departure from A COACH AT HEART, both in genre and tone. All those advice blogs for authors these days tell you to find a genre that works for you and stick with it so that you don’t confuse your readers. I think my readers are smart enough to deal with it, frankly, and I’m going to write what’s inside of me — I’m not going to fake it.

Look for a Kindle version of UNDER FALSE PRETENSES to become available on Amazon in early June. The manuscript has been brilliantly edited by Marianne Fox, so all that’s left to do is to format for the electronic and print version. The print edition will be available in late June.

For those with a Wattpad account, click here for a preview — Chapter 1 of UNDER FALSE PRETENSES.


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