Fanciful Dimensions in Writing

Anyone who pays good money for a book and invests several hours of reading deserves a payoff. The dollars and time spent should result in some kind of reward, from learning something new to experiencing the thrills of a creative person’s imagination to laughter or enjoying fresh insights.

Friday night, my family went to a nearby Chinese restaurant and after our meal, I got the fortune pictured above. Whether I have any sort of “flair” as a writer is up to the reader to decide, but A COACH AT HEART does include some fanciful dimensions.

One, as noted in a recent post, was placing a fictional Division 1 football-playing university in the Sierra foothills of Northern California. Another was the inclusion of a fantastical character, a resident who lives in an unrevealed location somewhere around town, who occasionally pops up in the life of George Steele, the main character.

Some “experts” told me to get rid of the whimsical, hobo-like character when I was writing A COACH AT HEART. But I liked him, and I hope you do, too.

Among the payoffs of A COACH AT HEART is that you’ll enjoy my insertion of the fictional Steele into an interesting period of football history. But another is that you’ll simply have fun reading the story. Steele has a good sense of humor and he finds himself in some comical situations. He also runs into this other character a few times, who adds a “fanciful dimension.”

The fortune cookie was right on. Now to go buy a lottery ticket.


Purchase A COACH AT HEART here.


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