A Coach at Heart for Trivia Crack

1379218_157043847838179_135727014_nSo I made the mistake the other night of downloading Trivia Crack. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine game but, as you probably have heard by now, it’s addicting and therefore time-consuming. Like wasting a whole bunch of time.

One of the fun parts of the game is you can submit your own questions. I sent in three, two based on events depicted in A Coach at Heart for the sports category. The other one was for U.S. history.

So it got me to thinking that there could be all kinds of A Coach at Heart trivia, some linked to the historical events and others connected just to the novel itself.

Here are the two I sent:

1. Who was the quarterback of Stanford’s 1972 Rose Bowl-winning team? The choices were Jim Plunkett, Don Bunce, Andrew Luck or John Elway.

2. Who caught the game-winning touchdown pass in the NFL playoff miracle known as “The Immaculate Reception?” Terry Bradshaw, Jack Tatum, Franco Harris, or John “Frenchy” Fuqua.

Here are some others I’ve since come up with:

3. In the final AP poll of the 1977 college football season, the great San Diego State team finished with what national ranking? No. 1, No. 16, No. 21, unranked.

4. Who was the San Diego State offensive coordinator whose position was supplanted by fictional characters Rudy Riley and George Steele? Al Luginbill, Ted Tollner, Nate Scarborough, Don Coryell.

5. Legendary coach Bill Walsh had a falling out with what NFL owner/power-broker before landing the head coaching job with the 49ers? Paul Brown, Lamar Hunt, Jerry Jones, Al Davis.

6. Stanford WR Randy Vataha’s nickname was…? Rabbit, Hare, Mouse, Turtle.

7. James W. Marshall was connected to what important discovery in the 1800s? Yosemite, gold, cancer, DNA.

8. The freshman dorm at Stanford back in the day was…? Noob City, Branner Hall, Leland Center, West Lag.

9. Head coach Dick Vermeil left UCLA for what job? Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, Slippery Rock.

10. The conference San Diego State played in before going independent for a couple of seasons was the…? Western Athletic Conference, Big Sky, Pacific Coast Athletic Association, Big-37.

11. Jim Plunkett led this NFL franchise to two Super Bowl victories: New England Patriots, Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers.

12. San Diego State and future Cincinnati Bengal running back David Turner’s nickname was…? Priest, Elder, Layman, Deacon.

Feel free to comment with your picks. I’ll post the answers in a couple of days.

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