Trading Deadline Wrapup

The day before the baseball non-waiver trading deadline of 2014, I was in the middle of tweeting how quiet it was when the Cardinals suddenly picked up P Justin Masterson. I scrambled to edit my 140-character message and then hit the Tweet button. Who knows how that deal will work out for them, but it sure seemed to kick-start a lot of wheeling and dealing.

While so many people are gushing at the Tigers acquiring P David Price, which is indeed impressive, the big winners could be the A’s.

So they parted with a big hitter in Yoenis Cespedes, but their offense is tops in the league and the one thing they lacked was a starting pitcher who’d performed in the most important of playoff situations. Lester is 6-4 in 11 post-season starts with a championship-type ERA of 2.11.

As great as he is, Price is 1-4, 5.06 in the post-season. While there is no doubt the Tigers are suddenly in need of pitching, the A’s won the big prize.

So the A’s might run into a Game 7 in an early round in which they’d like to have Cespedes at the plate. But if Lester is on the mound, things look a little brighter.

Now that the madness is over, I wonder if there was an Eric Bland out there. Along with the names that will now hit the waiver wire, we’ll probably never know. But it was a good day for a general manager to have a meltdown.


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